9.25.08 - Contact Form

Minor changes to the site have taken place as it is now hosted on a new server. The forum no longer is active and will be taken down. The contact form also needs a minor tweaking, but still works. Check back for some cool Twilight of the Past news very soon!

3.21.08 - Contact Form

The contact page now opens in a new window that contains a form where a message can be sent directly to the Twilight of the Past staff. You no longer even have to copy and paste into your e-mail account. Give it a try!

3.20.08 - FAQ Update

The FAQ has been updated with a new question about the future of the Twilight of the Past series and some new programming was added to the FAQ for a nifty new look and feel. Feel free to comment on the fully functional forum!

3.14.08 - Forum Updates

The forum's theme has now been updated to match the Twilight of the Past style. Also, quite a few new boards were added on lots of new topics. Finally, polls will now be done on the forum instead of here on the main page. Enjoy!

3.13.08 - Forum is Now Available

The forum is now up and running! It doesn't look "pretty" yet, but it works. I will work on editing the color scheme and whatnot very soon.

In other TotP news, I will have some very cool artwork of Newl Rift to display soon, so stay tuned!

2.12.08 - Brand New Website!

Welcome to the brand new twilightofthepast.com! In addition to this new design, many new projects are on the way! The first of which you are already looking at--this new website! Another Twilight of the Past related project that is also available to look at now is the Visual Database which can be viewed by clicking on the navigation section of this website. The Twilight of the Past - Visual Database is a collection of information from the Twilight of the Past universe presented in an entertaining form.

This new design still has some sections that need to be tweaked and completed (most notably, the Forum), but for the most part all is in working condition. Also as far as coming up projects for the Twilight of the Past universe you can check out the works in progress section on the sidebar to see what's currently being worked on and the stage that it is in. Furthermore, if you find any bugs or have any questions/concerns about the new website, as always please let me know!

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Works In Progress

  • Twilight of the Past: A Slave of Sorrow - (writing stage)
  • Twilight of the Past: Animation (Working Title) - (concept stage)
  • Twilight of the Past: Manga/Comic - (concept stage)
  • Twilight of the Past: 3rd Novel - (plotting stage)